I’ve demonstrated, over and over, that I’m a leader in pursuing solutions to deal with budget deficits and a vulnerable economy. The current crisis calls for real leadership and experience in responding to adversity.

Fiscal Responsibility

Proven Leadership and Experience

  • Having served six years onthe Legislature's Finance Committee, I have critical experience making tough decisions on balancing the budget and opposing tax increases.
  • I Chaired the Pension Sustainability Commissionand serveed on the Constitutional Spending Cap Commission, both of which focused on improving the state's fiscal stability.
  • We'll soon be back in deficit because of the pandemic. Fortunately, we have created a robust Rainy Day Fund of $3.1 billion, based on spending cap legislation I championed. We're much better off than most states, at least initially. To avoid raising taxes or cutting crucial social/Healthcare services, we'll need to drill down on budget lines to identify greater efficiencies and savings.

As your State Representative, I will continue to oppose tax increase while protecting key Programs which we all count on.