We can’t seem to surmount gun violence in this country, and too many citizens die by gun violence every day.

That’s why I’m committed to further sensible gun reform legislation in Connecticut.

  • One of my votes that makes me most proud was for the landmark gun reform legislation after Sandy Hook, making our state one of the most progressive in the nation.
  • I pushed hard for the ghost gun and bump stock bans we eventually pushed through the Legislature, taking on extremist colleagues when I testified before the Judiciary Committee.
  • We also passed sensible reforms obliging gun owners to safely store their weapons, in cars and at home. Such laws prevent accidents and criminal access to guns.
  • In special session this past July, we passed important police reform legislation which should also have a positive impact on the proper use of guns in our state.

We've made progress. But having participated in gun violence forums with Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) and Moms Demand Action, and in March for Our Lives rallies, alongside so many of you, I’m as convinced as ever that we still have more to do.

Jonathan Steinberg Judicial Hearing

In 2018, I testified before the Judiciary Committee, along with a cohort of Westporters, in favor of bills to ban bump stocks and ghost guns. 

March for Our Lives Jonathan Steinberg

March For Our Lives Connecticut at the State Capitol in Hartford - 2018

  • I support stronger gun registration legislation, mandatory insurance for gun owners, and increased spending on suicide prevention and mental health.
  • I will champion legislation to tighten our Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law to further limit those who shouldn’t have access to guns.
  • I signed CAGV’s pledge making a commitment to creating a Connecticut initiative to prevent community gun violence through funding and legislation.

I’m honored to have been endorsed in the past by CAGV and recognized by Moms Demand Action. They know I will continue to advocate for protecting our citizens and communities.