I remember standing at the bus stop on the first days of school with each of my three daughters, feeling pride and sensing their excitement.

This year, for parents and children, there will be much more to process.

Amidst the pride and excitement, there are many questions unique to 2020: What does a quality education look like during the time of COVID? Can we create a teaching environment which is both enriching and safe? Are we doing enough to prepare our children to prosper in a complicated world?

This experiment in innovation will soon be put to the test.

I give credit to our superintendent and the Board of Education for working around the clock to answer those questions, and I am grateful for the school administration, teachers and staff who are busy learning and adapting everything they know to ensure our children will thrive in these most difficult circumstances.

As a state legislator, my primary role is to make sure that the State doesn’t interfere with our efforts to deliver quality with safety. As Chair of Public Health, I will work to get our town timely and clear guidelines for reopening, safe functioning, and best practices on responding to a localized outbreak.

I’m a product of Westport schools (Staples ’74), as are my daughters, Rachel, Margot and Charlotte, so I’m a fan of our educational excellence.

I pledge to do all within my power to support our administrators, teachers, parents and students in achieving a great learning environment where all can flourish safely.

Jonathan Steinberg and daughter