Our lives have been fundamentally changed by this pandemic.

The effects have rippled through our state’s economy, affecting businesses and employees. COVID has interfered with our ability to enjoy one another’s company and our town’s wonderful amenities. Most importantly, the virus has threatened our sense of safety and created anxiety about our collective well-being.

As House Chair of the Legislature’s Public Health Committee, I’m directly involved with shaping the State’s efforts to overcome this virus:

    • CT’s nursing homes were hard hit by the virus. I’m fighting for resources in advance of a resurgence, including:
      • sufficient PPE for patients and staff;
      • adequate and appropriate staffing;
      • frequent testing of everyone;
      • funding for homes to retrofit facilities for better distancing and ventilation;
      • enhanced protocols to improve communication and visitation with family and loved ones
  • I will continue to prioritize the health and safety of Westport residents - helping our community cope until there’s a vaccine and then working to make it readily available to all. This includes enabling pharmacists to administer a COVID vaccine, when fully tested and available.
  • I will continue to advocate for public health spending, so we’re prepared for however the pandemic plays out, and an extension of select executive orders into 2021 that protect the healthcare safety net and assure that federal funding reaches those in need.

Re-opening our schools, businesses and community is a challenge we must address successfully. I’ll continue working to find the right balance between public health, economic recovery and quality of life.

Quality of leadership and experience matter, now more than ever, and I’m poised to make a difference – for all of us.

I look forward to continuing to fight on behalf of Westport for all of us. It's also important that I hear from you! Please email me your questions or concerns anytime: reelect@jonathansteinberg.org