There is no excuse for Eversource’s abysmal response to the recent storm.

This hugely profitable company “gambled,” on your dime, that the storm wouldn’t be so bad. It hedged on preparation and adequate staffing for the aftermath and exhibited enormous disorganization in allocating resources and communicating to everyone. They should have – and did – know better.

However, this is not about merely misjudging the severity of a forecasted storm. It’s an indictment of a regulatory framework which hasn’t worked for Connecticut in many years.

Real change is required and, I assure you, I will be advocating for such fundamental change.

  • I’ve been lobbying to introduce more competition into the energy markets, taking advantage of big, national energy-generation players who can increase the utilization of renewable energy while driving down rates.
  • I’ve been advocating for reform of the regulatory framework to incentivize the use of smart technologies and regularly upgrade the aging network.
  • I've also been a big proponent of micro-grids, distributed generation and energy storage projects which localize generation/distribution.

We must stand firm insisting that we fashion a new regulatory environment and gain true transparency and accountability.

I pledge that I will be at the forefront of that effort.

Issue#2 Utility Works - Jonathan Steinberg

Please Join Me in Holding Eversource Accountable:

1. The Energy & Technology Committee, on which I’ve served for ten years, will be holding a public hearing on Thursday, August 27th to investigate the utilities’ preparation and response. You can submit comments as a Word doc or pdf to

2. The Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) will be holding hearings on Monday, August 24th. To submit testimony, please email your comments to To attend or participate in the Zoom hearing, register here.

I look forward to continuing to fight on behalf of Westport for all of us. It's also important that I hear from you! Please email me your questions or concerns anytime: