As your State Representative, I promise to continue my passionate advocacy to protect and extend the rights of all women. 

As the Chair of the Public Health Committee, I’m well-positioned to introduce and pass legislation which promotes equality, safety and opportunity.

Protecting those rights matters now more than ever. We stand on the precipice of a critical moment in women’s rights. This election may decide whether this country moves forward in its progress towards real equity and fairness or slides back towards a time without protections or recognition of bias.

We may not be able to count on the federal government, so it is imperative that we elect a Democratic firewall in Connecticut to protect women’s rights, health and safety.

As the father of three beautiful, strong women, this is personal for me. 

Once again, I’m proud to have been endorsed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, in recognition of my leadership on women’s health issues and for championing legislation to end misinformation promulgated by fake pregnancy centers.


I will continue to pursue legislation that: protects equal pay and healthcare coverage for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions; ends human trafficking; and strengthens domestic violence protections.

I am the firewall for my daughters - and for yours.

  • HB5210 -(sponsor): Protects the ACA 10 essential benefits and women's preventive services including free access to birth control.
  • HB5208: Expands coverage for mammograms and tomosynthesis
  • SB206: Requires certain health insurance plans to provide special enrollment period to eligible pregnant women- protecting pregnant women's rights to affordable health coverage
  • HB50504 (co-sponsor): Protects victims of domestic violence who have a Temporary Restraining Order against their spouse by removing guns from the premises.
  • HB7209 (co-sponsor): Strengthens human trafficking statute and increases penalties for traffickers
  • HB5386 (co-sponsor): Prohibits employers for asking about salary history of job applicants, promoting pay equity