A Re-Introduction and Welcome!

Many of you already know me, although it seems that, after months huddled at home, we all need to reintroduce ourselves to each other! For all of you relatively new to town, I hope that, despite the challenges posed by the virus and last week’s storm, you’ve felt welcomed into our wonderful community.

I love Westport, as much for its values as for its notable amenities. We’re a community of commitment and compassion, to our families, our careers and to others.

I grew up in Westport (Staples ’74) and chose to come back to give my family the opportunities I had. My three daughters: Rachel, Margot and Charlotte are all graduates of Westport schools. My wife Nancy and I are big fans of the Library, the Levitt, the Playhouse, Longshore and Compo Beach.

I’ve also worked to make Westport even better. As co-founder of the Westport Cinema Initiative, now evolved into the Remarkable Theater, we’re trying to get a movie theater back in downtown Westport, because we know it builds community – bringing people of all ages and background together through a common passion for movies.

Jonathan Steinberg - young and old collage

During my seven years on the RTM, three as Deputy Moderator, as well as the last eight years in the state legislature, I’ve striven to help Westporters achieve the quality of life which drew most of us here in the first place. To do well by Westporters, I also have to address the needs and problems of the state as well. As a leader on many policy issues, I’m in a position to achieve real change.

When I have hard decisions to make, I draw on my experience in Westport and often consult with many of the extremely bright people in town.

Whether it’s social justice, healthcare, the environment, education or the budget, my Westport values guide me. I’m proud to represent this town. I’m eager to continue doing so, for the benefit of my neighbors and the people of the entire state.

This is the first of many messages I’ll be sending about the importance of this year's election to Westport and our state, focusing on the issues of critical importance.

Next week, I’ll share my ideas on how to assure we never have another post-storm debacle like the one we’ve just experienced. As a long-time leader on energy policy, I’ll explain the need to fundamentally reform our utilities regulatory structure to hold them accountable and get them to invest in our energy future

"I can promise you the Energy and Technology Committee on which I serve is already planning a hearing on this as soon as this storm is taken care of. We're going to get to the bottom of it and they're already talking about legislation to bring changes to the way we structure the utilities compensation and the regulatory environment around them. We need change, we need it now, and you can count on all of us to be a part of it."

If you’re as motivated to achieve change as I am on this subject, you should know that the Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) is holding a hearing on storm response on August 24th (details below). Furthermore, the Energy & Technology Committee, on which I serve, will be holding a hearing on August 27th (details to follow). Both hearings invite public comment and will be intense reviews of all the things that went wrong.

Please Join Me in Holding Eversource Accountable:

PURA is holding a public hearing (via Zoom) concerning Eversource on Monday, August 24th at 10 AM.

To submit testimony, please email your comments to pura.information@ct.gov, mentioning Docket Number 20-01-01 in the subject line, or mail them to the following mailing address:
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
10 Franklin Square
New Britain, Connecticut 06051

To attend or participate in the Zoom hearing, please register by clicking this link and completing the application. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with more information about how to join the meeting.

I look forward to continuing to fight on behalf of Westport for all of us. It's also important that I hear from you! Please email me your questions or concerns anytime: reelect@jonathansteinberg.org

I look forward to continuing to fight on behalf of Westport for all of us. It's also important that I hear from you! Please email me your questions or concerns anytime: reelect@jonathansteinberg.org