Jonathan is an acknowledged thought leader on energy and environmental policy, honored and endorsed again and again for his leadership by the CT League of Conservation Voters and the Sierra Club.

In his years of service in the Legislature, Jonathan has taken the lead on significant environmental policy advances: 
  • Co-wrote the “Lead by Example” section of landmark energy legislation, committing State buildings to energy efficiency efforts, saving tens of millions annually and inspiring similar municipal projects
  • Was a principal author of the legislation authorizing the creation of a state water plan, which provides a roadmap for safe and conserved water use by all parties, and secured the plan’s legislative ratification
  • Led the drive to ban plastic bags and microbeads, and a proponent for statewide ban on plastic straws and dangerous PFAs-covered products
  • Known as the “godfather” of community solar, facilitating programs that allow everyone to share in solar’s benefits
  • Partner with Sustainable Westport and Sustainable CT to promote a broad range of sustainability efforts, from composting and waste management reforms to energy efficiency and resiliency programs
  • Became “adoptive parent” of Sherwood Island State Park; supporter of Passport to the Parks initiative
  • Fought to restore funding for energy efficiency programs which reduce consumers’ energy costs and create good green jobs
  • Working closely with PURA to achieve electric grid modernization and security
  • Facilitating transition to EVs for consumer vehicles and state fleets, and expansion of recharging infrastructure

"There is no stronger advocate for the environment and energy policies than Representative Jonathan Steinberg. Connecticut is better for him serving in this building.” - Republican Tim Ackert, Ranking Member of the Energy & Technology Committee, 2018 legislative session