Issue #1 Westport Values - Jonathan Steinberg

Issue #1 Westport Values

A Re-Introduction and Welcome! Many of you already know me, although it seems that, after months huddled at home, we all need to reintroduce ourselves to each other! For all of you relatively new to town, I hope that, despite the challenges posed by the virus and last week’s storm, you’ve felt welcomed into our … Read more

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Issue #2: : Energy Utilities Reform - Jonathan Steinberg

Issue #2: Energy Utilities Reform

There is no excuse for Eversource’s abysmal response to the recent storm. This hugely profitable company “gambled,” on your dime, that the storm wouldn’t be so bad. It hedged on preparation and adequate staffing for the aftermath and exhibited enormous disorganization in allocating resources and communicating to everyone. They should have – and did – … Read more

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Issue #3: Public Health Safety & COVID Precautions - Jonathan Steinberg

Issue #3: Public Health Safety & COVID Precautions

Our lives have been fundamentally changed by this pandemic. The effects have rippled through our state’s economy, affecting businesses and employees. COVID has interfered with our ability to enjoy one another’s company and our town’s wonderful amenities. Most importantly, the virus has threatened our sense of safety and created anxiety about our collective well-being. As … Read more

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Issue-5 Jonathan Steinberg Sensible Gun Reform

Issue #5 Sensible Gun Reform

We can’t seem to surmount gun violence in this country, and too many citizens die by gun violence every day. That’s why I’m committed to further sensible gun reform legislation in Connecticut. One of my votes that makes me most proud was for the landmark gun reform legislation after Sandy Hook, making our state one … Read more

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Issue 4 Jonathan Steinberg Education

Issue #4 Education

I remember standing at the bus stop on the first days of school with each of my three daughters, feeling pride and sensing their excitement. This year, for parents and children, there will be much more to process. Amidst the pride and excitement, there are many questions unique to 2020: What does a quality education … Read more

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Issue 6 Jonathan Steinberg Fiscal Responsibility

Issue #6 Fiscal Responsibility

I’ve demonstrated, over and over, that I’m a leader in pursuing solutions to deal with budget deficits and a vulnerable economy. The current crisis calls for real leadership and experience in responding to adversity. Fiscal Responsibility Proven Leadership and Experience Having served six years onthe Legislature’s Finance Committee, I have critical experience making tough decisions … Read more

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Issue 7 Jonathan Steinberg Economic Vitality

Issue #7 Economic Vitality

When I arrived in Hartford in 2011, the state was reeling from the recession and its economy, already weak, has shed thousands of jobs. I immediately committed to helping the economy grow, seeking greater business diversification and supporting our core industries. Since then, I’ve assumed a leadership role in promoting emerging industries which offer good-paying, growing job prospects, … Read more

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Issue 8 Healthcare Protections

Issue #8 Healthcare Protections

As Chair of the Public Health Committee, I’m committed to assuring access to quality, affordable healthcare for all our citizens. While some have adequate coverage through employers or state-supported programs, the pandemic has cast many out of work, putting insurance coverage in peril. This crisis also has created circumstances which exacerbate chronic conditions and mental … Read more

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