Investing in transportation infrastructure must be the state’s top priority – as an economic imperative. Our state’s competitive future is predicated on having a modern transportation system which assures goods and people can get where they’re going safely and reliably.

For ten years I’ve sounded the alarm about the urgent need to address our crumbling transportation assets – rails, roads and bridges. The state’s Special Transportation Fund, fueled mostly by the Gas Tax, is on the verge of insolvency which threatens our ability to perform “state of good repair” maintenance, let along the huge capital investment needed to replace or modernize ancient infrastructure.

Westporters know what I’m talking about.  Every day, we see the congestion on our highways and local roads.  Much of the New Haven Line's rail infrastructure is old and deteriorating, forcing Metro-North to impose speed restrictions. Train commuters regularly experience the decline in safety and timeliness which complicates their lives and undermines our efforts to attract people and businesses.

With my good friend Mike Imber, I’ve proposed an ambitious jobs program, based on the federal WPA program, which would put thousands of people back to work repairing and replacing our critical infrastructure – not only transportation, but energy, water and housing as well!

You have my promise that I will never relent in my advocacy to fix our transportation system and position our state for future success. We must commit to making Connecticut, once again, the Gateway to New England!